EmailTree Add AI in Zendesk

EmailTree Add AI in Zendesk

Introducing EmailTree, the AI-powered ticket support app that revolutionizes customer communication! With Open AI technology and Smart Macro Selection from AI Knowledge Base, EmailTree makes responding to customer tickets effortless and efficient.

Until the 31st of August: 1 year free when subscribing to a 2 years plan!
Choose the number of users, and select 3 years plan.

Starting with :

Price per user, between 1 - 4 users , Monthly Subscription
    Monthly Subscription   Subscription 1 year   Subscription 2 years   Subscription 3 years
From 1 to 4 , per user:   900,00 €   9.000,00 €   17.000,00 €   17.000,00 €
From 5 to 10 , per user:   800,00 €   8.000,00 €   16.000,00 €   16.000,00 €
Subscription Number of users Unit price per user
(without VAT)
TOTAL without VAT/with VAT
Save time and hassle by automating your ticket-closing process. Get back to what you love faster. It's free-to try - Get started in 15 min with your free onboarding session It's easy to use - Open a ticket, and the AI macro will take care of the rest It's fast - Train the AI and see the result within 30 min in Zendesk It's reliable - EmailTree is a trusted name in the AI Space.

Customized packages are available for BPO's with dedicated EmailTree account manager, isolated clusters, customized trainings sessions, etc.

Ask for your personalized offer at


Be informed that the upload and installation of private Support apps, including the EmailTree Add-In, will require a Zendesk Suite Growth plan or above, or the Support Professional plan and above.

To ensure seamless integration and access to the advanced features of our private
EmailTree Add-In, it is essential to be on one of the eligible Zendesk plans mentioned above.

For clients on other Zendesk plans, we recommend upgrading to an eligible plan to fully leverage the potential of our integration. Our team is available to assist you in choosing the most suitable plan tailored to your specific needs.

If you are already subscribed to an eligible plan, there's no need to take any action - you can install our EmailTree Add-In inside Zendesk without any interruptions.

Also, we want to ensure that all of your valued agents have access to the full range of capabilities offered by our integration. Therefore, it's important to note that the EmailTree Add-In is suitable for projects that have macros available for all users part of a team, allowing them to enhance productivity and efficiency.