EmailTree Add-in for Outlook, 1 user, 1 year

EmailTree Add-in for Outlook, 1 user, 1 year

Starting with :

1 user , Subscription 1 year

Manage 350+ emails every day through Outlookwithout changing your customer service routine

The only Add-in you need to for managing customer service in Outlookwhile improving customer satisfaction


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Using Outlook to Solve Customer's Problems Shouldn't Be a Guessing Game

  • XAre you tired of sorting through spam to find the emails that matter?
  • XDo you spend too much time searching for answers to client questions?
  • XHow embarrassed are you about late response times or worst failures to meet SLAs?
  • XAre you looking at your CRM just to find out who you are talking to?

Go beyond Copy Paste..

  • XTime consuming
  • XDifficult to find the good one
  • XRisk of human error
  • XNot automated

Using EmailTree, you can eliminate spam, understand customer intent, respond faster to yourcustomers, and free up more time for things that really matter.

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Stop responding manually. Win with EmailTree

A reply to an email typically takes you more than 5 minutes.

It’s time for the Outlook battle to end. It’s time for EmailTree

Here’s how we speed up the process to reply by up to 80%

EmailTree Add-in comes with features designed to maximize your average response time

Emails Classification
Enjoy a clean inbox and prioritize each mail for better output

Intent Extraction
We can do in seconds what takes humans minutes

Analytics and Insights
Helps teams to work more efficiently and becoming more productive

Language Detection
Automatically replies to incoming emails in
customer's native language

Auto-suggests the best reply
You benefit from having more time to complete your daily tasks

EmailTree smooth onboarding in less than 10 minutes.

What does that look like in only 4 steps

Install the Add-in directly in your Outlook

Search for EmailTree directly in “New Components” in Outlook, and then download in. Complete the registration on your website, then log in into your Add in

Prepare your most common questions and answers

You simply need to add your questions and responsest EmailTree so that the Add-on suggests the right response immediately. For a more significant performance, you can also add variants of the same question.

Start Replying to your emails using the Add-in

Reply as you normally would to an email, but thistime a suggestion will appear from the add-in. Simply click “Paste to Compose” to create the reply.

You send, we learn

As you interact and reply with the Outlook add-in, your personnal knowledge base continually learns and improves by itself. As you send more replies, the AI becomes more accurate.

Improve your Employee Experience
in any Outlook without having to
change your processes

We don’t push you to change any of your processes, unlike other tools for managing your customer service. Through AI and automation workflows, EmailTree enhances your business processes.

Compared to other software, it does this much more efficiently, so that your team cn focus on more important tasks while you can focus on expanding your business.

Reply to Emails insecond

Reduce average handling time

Make more sales


Improve customer


Boost your


Prioritize value
additing tasks


EmailTree Add-in for Outlook, 1 user, 1 year, free license